Brand Circle General Terms and Conditions:

Payment Terms

Brand Circle requires a 50% deposit upon which the order will be formally placed. Once any order(s) has been placed and production has commenced, the deposit paid shall be subject to forfeiture. The remaining 50% due is payable upon dispatch/delivery of the order I question. Our quotations are normally valid for a period of fourteen (14) days unless there is an alternative arrangement in place.

  • Any delay(s) in the provision of artwork and / or other designs shall under no circumstances rescind the duty of the Client to pay the full deposit / any other amount as agreed upon prior to the commencement of the physical production of the order placed. The aforesaid clause shall also apply to delays in approval of the artwork on the part of the Client.
  • Should the Client wish to cancel a placed order after the physical production of the order in question has already been placed, the Client shall duly forfeit the paid fifty (50%) deposit
  • Any orders placed by agents such as, for example, event planners, are not subject to any special refunds due to any form of improper planning and / or negligence on their part. Brand Circle must unfortunately strictly adhere to several pre-determined production schedules which could only be altered in extreme circumstances.

In instances where a considerable part of the order has been completed by Brand Circle, the Client agrees to have Brand Circle conduct an assessment and / or production reconciliation in order to ascertain the total value of the completed manufactured goods. In instances where the value of such exceeds the 50%, the Client shall be liable for the full payment of the calculated / to be calculated difference.

Design Proofs and Artwork

Design proof(s) are done once the deposit has been paid and the needed logo and design element supplied in the needed vector format ready for large scale printing. Although we take due care to ensure that all our designs and artwork are in order, it remains your responsibility to double check and confirm any design proof / artwork forwarded to your for approval. (Approval in this regard can be as simple as an e-mail confirmation.) Please also review our “Artwork Guideline” document if you have any questions regarding this.

Manufacturing Lead Time

The manufacturing lead time shall depend on the size and nature of your order as well as the production capacity of the assigned manufacturer at the time of scheduling the order. Please note that all communicated manufacturing lead time(s) must be regarded as mere estimates. Brand Circle standard production lead time is 4-6 days and 9-12 days on branded carpets and flooring.


It is rare to receive good service nowadays, but with Brand Circle we received nothing short of the best. We are extremely impressed with their attention to detail and their way of doing things. They have everything we were looking for, quality, punctuality, organized skills and friendly staff. We highly recommend them and would love to work together again.

Zelda Viviers

Rain Catchers Marketing

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